Mother Nature

This is the newest addition to my list of participants in the Nature Chills Challenge. Another beautiful piece. Thanks for taking part and sharing your thoughts about nature 🙂

The Heart of Sassy Lassie

I have written this as a participation piece in the NATURE CHILLS CHALLENGE on

A Momma’s View.

I couldn’t have found a better challenge for this subject is near and dear to my heart.  I connect to the Divine through Mother Nature and always feel Her presence enveloping me.

Mother Nature

Oh how She does make my heart sing
on the darkest of days that only she can bring
Turning the brightest, bluest skies
into harshest rains to renew and baptize

This realm here, this Earth She rules
We are mere mortals in this world She fuels
Part magic, part whimsy like the flowering tree
attracting the fuzzy, pollen covered bee

Sunbeams and dew drops on fields of pine green
to warm and quench thirst to all those unseen;
From the elephant mighty with tusk and trunk
to the inchworm so tiny and the smell of the skunk

Horses that gallop…

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