My Picks Of The Week – #2

The last list ended up being shorter than usual. So I hope this one will make up for it. It was a pleasure diving into these posts. Have fun reading and visit the blogs to find more great posts.

Highest Form Of Whit
We all have those days. When we just want to hide under a blanket and complain all day long about life and whatever goes wrong. This is a post about how to handle days like that. And it is so worth reading!

The Reluctant Baptist
Yes, please, spare me the details…

Behind The White Coat
Made me laugh. Well put, from the picture to the title and the last sentence 😉

All about feeling good in your skin…

Sometimes you just want to cut the noise…

Edwina’s Episodes
Another thing I could write a book about…

Butterfly Mind
Can’t really describe it but there is so much in this post I loved…

The Shizo Effect
Stumbled across this blog and I just feel intrigued by it. I want to read more…

First of all I hope I spelt the name of the blog right… And second: What a great post about a very sad thing…

Great post. Je suis Charlie! And I hope the world will unite against attacks like this. Nobody wants it!

Random Musings
“Believe in the God who made us. Not in the God we made.”

19 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week – #2

  1. I have used your Picks Of The Week to find other interesting blogs – I am so ticked you included one of my posts this week! 😉 🙂 How fun! Thank you for sharing this.
    Happy weekend!

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