Thought I give you a little update on my journey to a healthier and fitter self.

The week did not really go according to plans. It already started with not sticking to my detox days on Monday and Tuesday, due to all sort of excuses. Oh well… Although I did not manage to start the week with those detox days, I managed to stick for most of the remaining week to a healthier eating approach.

I also managed to stick to the workout routines, which, to be honest, is the easier part for me. Still I did all the workouts this week I had planed to do.

The week seemed very busy and because I was working on the novel so much, I actually forgot about the time a lot. This is totally not me. It lead to having to cramp in a workout right before dinner, which is the busiest time for me anyway and I was very often tempted to just skip it. Pleased to say that I did not. Honestly I credit it to the really intense and short workouts from Zuzkalight, which I have mentioned before. I don’t think I would have done my workouts on multiple occasions this weeks, if I would have had to go to a gym or if they would have been more complicated.

My aim was to loose 1.5kg, most of which I would have shed during the detox days. I was expecting to not reach this goal by far and was surprised to see that still 1kg was off. And that after being invited for dinner yesterday and enjoying the meal and the wine we were offered.

For the next week I am aiming at sticking to the workout routine and also doing those detox days. And I am planing hard on sticking to my goals this time. No excuses 😉

I will keep you posted…

17 thoughts on “Update

  1. Sounds like a great start! I can stick to exercise, but I am constantly derailed by the healthy eating portion. I am trying to stick to Weight Watchers points 5 days per week and allow for a bit of cheating on the weekends. If you can stick to lean meat and veggies I’d say you have quite a bit of willpower!

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    • Aaaand that’s the problem 😉 If my mind is at the right point, I can do it easily. But the eating is the issue. I could work out all day because I really enjoy it. But then I love bread and pasta and creamy stuff and there you go. It is all in the mindset. And I know myself good enough. I am not just there yet. But I found some kind of compromise with myself at this stage which works. And it will lead me to the right mindset when the healthy eating will be back… It is just crazy what those 3-4 weeks away in November did to my eating habits! Totally out of whack and so hard to get back to 😉

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      • Ah, if bread and pasta were the keys to success… 🙂 I have struggled with extra weight since I quit smoking about 2 1/2 years ago. I keep telling myself that my mindset will get there when the time is right, just as it did with the smoking. I do wish it would hurry though, as I have a tropical vacation on the horizon. 😉

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      • Use it… put your bikini up on a wall so you look at it every day… quitting smoking must be a huge step. So this is only a little thing. And you know that you can do it!

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