Your Stories – Falling In Love After The First Kiss! By Loved 2015

Yesterday, while reading through some posts, I found this story and just had to make sure I can share it with you guys here. If you too have a wonderful story to tell which I can feature for “Couples” please email me. I appreciate it!

Thank you so much, Loved 2015, for letting me share this story with my readers!


“Yes it happened to me. I met this guy who bumped his chair into mine in the college library. He was sitting right behind me. I turned around to give this person a look and to my surprise he quickly asked me ” Do you have the time?” I snapped back at him, ” Why don’t you look at your watch?” He then said , “But I have been watching you.” Then I actually took a real look at this “asshole.” He was my type cute and confident. He then proceeded to ask me if I wanted a cup of coffee which I accepted because he was not like the any other guy I ever met in a college library.
He ended up asking me out that Friday night. He told me he was from Woodmere . I told him I was from Roslyn and added , “I don’t usually date guys from the south shore of Long Island. ” That comment seemed to put him in his place but something about him was very mysterious and I was always looking for a challenge.
Friday night came and he picked me up at my parent’s house. We then went to a tex/mex rooftop popular bar . We were not getting along at all. He was so sarcastic and didn’t want to talk about himself at all. Frustrated I went ti the ladies room and stared in the mirror thinking why the hell did I ever agree to this horrible first date.
I was going to make the best of this date so I had three more huge cocktails and a few shots of tequila. I wasn’t a big drinker but that night the drunker I got the more I started to connect with my date.
Suddenly, without warning he grabbed the back of my hair and kissed me long and hard. This kiss was so sexual I felt every part of my body come alive. When the kiss ended . My date looked shocked too. We both said almost at the same time, We are in serious trouble.” Obviously he felt the same intense chemistry I did. How often does that happen??? Maybe once or twice in a lifetime,
I passed out on way home in his sports car on the way home. He practically had to carry me through the front door. I was sick as a dog and threw up the entire night but I didn’t care. That kiss would be first of hundreds maybe thousands of kisses in our 12 year relationship.
Just one kiss with the right person can change your life forever. “

21 thoughts on “Your Stories – Falling In Love After The First Kiss! By Loved 2015

  1. 🙂 I have felt that kiss…
    this was a good read this morning over my coffee….Thank you, been awhile since I smiled
    at living through that kiss and the after effects of the real world
    Take Care…You Matter…

    Liked by 1 person

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