Got A Flat Tire?

2015/01/img_6034.jpgWhen I saw this it just jumped at me. Yes… well kind of. You know what I mean. How true is that?! I mean you would never slash your other three tires just because one flat one. And it is kind of like choosing a path to reach your goal. Just because this path did not work doesn’t meant the other ones are not good either.

All it means is that it was not the right one. And you need to re-think it and choose a different approach.

And similar to changing tires you might also just need that little bit of assistance. Or maybe you are bad ass enough to do it all by yourself πŸ˜‰

27 thoughts on “Got A Flat Tire?

  1. I like to imagine that I’m every bit as bad ass enough to change my tire (had it ever been flat), change the oil, and really any other mechanical adjustment (outside of pulling the motor out). However, I’ve only mastered evaluating the situation (checking my oil) thus far, then I call for backup lol πŸ˜‰

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  3. last year, one tire was flat on the coldest day of the year. Ice, snow, single digit temps. I called boss, “Boss, know all those projects I’ve saved for working from home? I will work on those today” “Why don’t you change the tire?” “I’m a wimp” “I’m there with you!” – thanks for the ‘3 other tires’ post!


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