Your Stories – Unexpected University Love. By Adrienn

Another beautiful story about love. This time of a young and still pretty fresh relationship. Thank you so much, Adrienn, for sharing it with us.

This happened to me around the end of the second semester at university around April. I had put an end to a really bad and exhausting relationship not very long before, and I was happy that I can be on my own, I can do whatever I want and go wherever I want. I didn’t want a relationship at all, I wanted to party, live a bit and concentrate on myself and my studies more. I was really confident about my decision but I allowed myself that if someone comes who has that thing (you know, butterflies in the stomach, sparkles, fireworks or whatever) I won’t say no just because I decided something earlier.

There was a guy in my class, who I never talked to. Only once during group-work. I cannot even remember seeing him around the university even though he’s extremely tall (I love tall guys) so I guess I can say he didn’t touch me at all.

In April, I read my horoscope and it said that this month someone steps into my life and will become really important to me. “Stupid” I thought. Though, I don’t believe in horoscope that time I gave it some credit since there was another guy who started contacting me, from another class.

And then that happened. I got a message on Facebook, from the tall guy which said “I’m ready to go grocery shopping, so you’re coming?” I knew that it was supposed to address somebody else. And I don’t live in the city of my university, I commuted every day, so I replied jokingly that “Okay, I’m fine with that, but by the time I arrive you’ll starve to death.” He laughed and apologized, he clicked on the wrong name. But he said if I want to come than feel free to do so. And that was it all, at least I thought.

After that, he kept writing me, always apologizing for the wrong message and sent me something funny. I didn’t understand why that was such a big thing but he just kept writing and after a while I got suspicious that maybe he wants something. To tell the truth, he looked really boyish and innocent for first sight and I was sure he never had a girlfriend before, so I was a bit puzzled. But before I realized, we started chatting on an everyday basis, throughout the whole summer. Talked about several stuff and he always made me laugh so hard that I usually cried. Now, my first impression appeared to be wrong since in reality he was a really confident, talkative and an adorable guy. Soon, we exchanged phone numbers and started texting when we weren’t around a computer.

I talked about him to my friends and we used the codename “Cuteguy”. They all were quite irritated by our behavior that we never meet just chat. During the summer, I started to miss him when we couldn’t talk, and even had dreams with him. 😀 I fell in love with that guy. Deeply.

When the next semester started in September, we happened to have more classes together than before. I was so excited that I actually became afraid of him. (That happens to me whenever I’m in love with someone). I couldn’t look at him and not even talk to him. So in the beginning there was no progress, we continued our virtual conversations but nothing happened in reality. Once, I bumped into him accidentally and I saw that he was as nervous as me. He was extremely cute. My first job after that was to send a message to a friend of mine which said. “Today, I spent some time with Cuteguy and he had such a great smell!” 😀

Eventually, he invited me to the movies. There were only a few people with us in the cinema but nothing happened! I was disappointed and thought that maybe I should just leave it. But then we went to a mall where we had a dinner. After that, we were sitting on a bench next to a little pond full of swans where we kissed for the first time. That was at the end of October, 2012. And we’re still deeply in love.

Later, I asked him if that “shopping message” was really a coincidence and he said it actually was but it was a good excuse, for he liked me before I knew it. I also said that I was disappointed when nothing happened at the cinema. He laughed and said that he wanted something but these things are a bit problematic while sitting next to a little child. Well, he had the point. 😀

Anyway, ever since then we are really happy. I’ve never felt that close to anybody before. He told me he never loved anybody as much as he loves me, and the same goes for me too. He’s the creamy part of the biscuit. 😉 ❤

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