20 thoughts on “Bullying: A Symptom of Greater Problems

  1. wow. That’s so sad. :/ I know it’s been 2 years but prayers to her family. I try to get my daughter to understand the scary web, but i don’t think she understands or just doesn’t want to. That’s why her Internet use is very limited and watched.

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  2. This is why I don’t use Facebook. It destroyed her. Lesson to the world: never bare your personal details to the Internet. And if someone does, just plain ignore it and don’t make a big deal out of it. What has become of this world?!

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    • There you go… It is really crazy to see who some people over share… I used Facebook but there is no picture of me on it and you would never find pictures of my kids or my husband on it. In the past there were moments when people (some friends) posted pictures of our kids on my Facebook page, meaning well of course. I told them that I don’t want it and took them off. I also always make sure that they know that I don’t want them to post pics with my kids in on their account. I understand that people use FB to share pics with their relatives. But for me it’s just too big and you don’t know where and with whom the pictures will end up. Look at all those pics of families of their kids naked on the beach or in a bath… What a feast for a perv! So in my eyes a bit irresponsible. Also because pics that might seem funny now, might haunt them later in life… But that is just my point of view…

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  3. All the religious stuff aside as I am not religious and don’t think that any of that stuff would help one tiny bit anyway this, and indeed any kid that takes their own life is heart-breaking. This was someone daughter, it could have been my daughter (although if it had of been I hope she would have spoken to me about it), and then have cue cards outlining her state of mind and thoughts is upsetting.

    I looked through to the wiki link and one of those cue cards says “I have nobody, I need someone :(”

    Fuck. That breaks my heart. Are all kids that much of a bunch of pricks that they don’t realise what they were doing, was there not one person within her age group that had the compassion to reach out and try and help… well I guess not as she killed herself, all the while needing someone and having no-one. And this happens day in day out in many countries around the world, is this the face of humanities future?

    I hope every one of the people that contributed to that death, especially the person that kept cropping up on facebook etc (if you read the wiki page) has all the but luck and karma that could ever be given to someone.

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