On Track

I feel like I am on track with my goals re fitness and health. Although eating-wise it could still be slightly better, I managed to drop weight again. What I do like is how much better I already feel doing the workouts. This is what I’ve done last week, just to give you a little idea:

Swimming and Walking

Tuesday, 10 minute Workout, Interval Training, 40sec high intensity without any rest period:
Sumo Jump Squat to Normal Jump Squat 60 reps
Side Hops 60 reps
Burpee, Roll Over & Knee Hug 12 reps
Mountain Climbers 180 reps
Plank 30

Wednesday, 3 Rounds Time Challenge, just under 15 Minutes to get this all done. These numbers are the total repetitions over those 3 Rounds:
3-Point Burpee with High Raked Push Up 12 Sets
60 Jump Lunges
60 Jump Squats
120 Reptiles
60 Side Jump Lunges
60 Dragon Lunges

Break with walking and swimming

Friday, 2 Rounds Time Challenge, just under 12 Minutes to get this done. Numbers again are the total repetitions over those 2 Rounds:
40 Jump Squats & Leg Lifts (side)
40 Knee Hugs40 Jump Lunge Kick Ups
40 Diagonal Plank Jumps (or Moguls)
40 “Surfers” (Competition Burpee, jumping into a “surfer” position)

Saturday, 2 Rounds Time Challenge, just under 12 Minutes. Numbers total repetitions:
20 Competition 180degree Burpees
40 Low Jacks
40 Bicycles
40 Forwad-Backward Jump Lunges
40 Side to Side Plank Jumps
20 sets of 3 Jump Lunges & 1 Jump Squat

The warm up consists of 10 push ups, 10 squats, 10 lunges, 10 side lunges and two stretches…

Looking at those numbers and also at the times, I am pretty happy with myself. Yesterday was a day off.

Today’s workout will be another Time Challenge, 3 Rounds to do, which I will hope to be able to do in under 15 Minutes, total amount of repetitions:
15 x 10 High Knees & 2 Commando Push Ups
60 Half Burpees
30 Side Lunges & Knee Ups
60 Side Lunge Jumps
60 Pike Hops


22 thoughts on “On Track

  1. Awesome job! I am always impressed with people who can work out consistently and actually make consistent progress on their goals of fitness and health. I know far too many who claim to work out everyday and eat healthy but I know for a fact they don’t – they just like to say they do on Facebook. And I know others who set goals and completely changed their weight and habits.

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      • I can’t say I have any full proof way to do that either. I only started eating healthier because I had no choice. I developed pancreatitis and that was the end of greasy fast food, greasy bacon loaded foods, coca colas all day long and so many other not so great for you foods. The only reason I was able to kick my caffeine habit was because for a week I was on serious pain meds which made the caffeine withdrawal less difficult. I totally do not recommend pancreatitis as a method to become a healthy eater lol.

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