Serenity: The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

A feeling that is triggered by so many different things for each and everyone of us. A flame, a campfire, a storm, the beach, the sun, a sunset, a waterfall, maybe a fast flowing river. For me it can be all of that.

It is the feeling I have when I am in that moment. It is the appreciation of something good, something beautiful, something enjoyable. The moment, I feel grateful and happy and calm and untroubled. And there are so many things that can trigger it.

Hearing my kids laugh, watching a sunset, watching a pod of dolphins or some birds flying over me while lying on the beach. Listening to the waves or to the wind. Hearing the rain drips hit the roof. Watching snowflakes dance in the air. Serenity.


Or being somewhere you love to be, with someone you love. Enjoying watching something amazing, someone truly special achieve something. Being thankful for being able to be there. And then going home with a big smile on your face.

Serenity. One definition, so many different pictures, so many different moments….

In response to the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Serenity


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