Psycho Midget And Monster Dog

The kids are over at their friends place and it is quiet here… Well, kind of. It seems like every time the kids are gone, the dogs take over their position and try to get as much attention as possible… We have two of them and let me tell you, Psycho Midget and Monster Dog are quite a combination…

Monster Dog is the older one and this name is actually not really describing her well. I chose it, because it is pretty close to her real name yet still different enough. She is such a good dog and always wants to do things right. A bit of a Ms Goody Two Shoes. She listens, she is not in your face all the time and she does not bark. Well that is until the possum tries to cross our fence… Then she suddenly turns into Monster Dog and yaps in such a terribly high voice that I actually consider getting her vocal cords removed (just kidding…).

And then there is Psycho Midget. And the name is actually pretty much spot on. She is a really good dog too but so much energy. And boy “she ain’t take not shit from nobody”! She thinks she is a giant and in control of everything and everyone and especially every other dog. Up to this point I guess she can still relate on her puppy status but I am pretty sure she will be in trouble soon. And she is pushy. If Psycho Midget decides that she needs some attention, she wants attention! And she knows how to get it. She is not a massive dog but boy she has a pretty deep bark. She actually sounds like a big dog.

Our two dogs had different starts into their lives. Monster Dog was born into a beautiful home, with a family around who spoiled each and every puppy of that litter. She then moved in with us and never really had a hard time. Psycho Midget is a different story. She apparently got sold when she was just about 8 weeks old. Well, she got actually exchanged for a package of cigarettes. And the guy who got her in exchange brought her to a rescue shelter, where she got the attention a puppy her age should get until she got adopted. But then the people who adopted her realized that a puppy is a bit more work then they wanted to put in and they brought her back. We walked in right after they did and my husband and my son both looked at her and knew that she would go home with us.

It was one of those days.


22 thoughts on “Psycho Midget And Monster Dog

  1. Love dogs with personality, ours runs up and down the fences barking (yapping) protecting her family from imagery baddys won’t play with other dogs but put her in the field with the horses and she’s as happy as Larry

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  2. Maggie’s bark is so much bigger than she is, and people who come to the door think we have a rottweiller!
    One day the Typhoons planes were flying too often over our house, so she put her front feet on the fence and barked at the sky!

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  3. I think well-chosen names, whether official or affectionate, actually go a long way toward bestowing at least some of an animal’s personality upon it. I couldn’t even say how exactly, it’s just a feeling I’ve always had. 🙂

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