Easy Fix

Easy fixLife is not always a smooth ride and those up and downs can be pretty exhausting. When you are down and things seem to be going wrong still you might find yourself wanting to get out but not knowing how to really. It’s those moments when you need someone special to go through them with you.

I am fortunate enough that I not only have great friends but most of all an amazing partner. My husband is my rock and if I get to a point where I just can’t see clear anymore, he is always there for me. You know I manage pretty well usually and it takes quite a lot until I reach the point where I feel like I am surrounded with thick fog and just can’t see the other side of the room anymore.

In moments like this it is him who starts talking to me and slowly but surely makes this fog disappear. My river of life might still be pretty wild in this very moment. Nothing really would change but my perception of it. By just having a chat with him, I calm down and look at the issue again in a different way. My world is still spinning but rather then spinning with it, I am kind of watching it from far and that is when I can start working on a solution. And by working on it, things get under control again and the world might just as well stop spinning. It only takes my husband and all is right in the world again.

In response to the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Easy Fix.

20 thoughts on “Easy Fix

  1. A heartfelt post, Momma. A supportive husband (or wife in a reversed situation) is a beautiful thing. My husband has supported me for over 44 years (so it’s ‘snap’ with Ibeth 1950 above).

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