World’s Population – Did You Know That…

… Only about 1/10 of the Earth’s population lives on the Southern Hemisphere?

Interesting, isn’t it… But given the fact that almost 20% of the World’s population live in China, about 17% in India and approximately 11% in Europe not really surprising…


4 thoughts on “World’s Population – Did You Know That…

  1. I can tell you its not at all fun living in the 2nd largest country of the world in terms of population. There is a huge scramble for the limited resources, people always ready to trample others for taking advantage of the resources. Oh…how I would wish to spend some part of my life in the southern hemisphere. I wish how will it be to celebrate Christmas sans the snow ( so typical of northern hemisphere). I wonder does Father Christmas start off his journey to the southern hemisphere from the north pole itself or if the stories are different in that other part.

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