Green behind the ears

A little story that fits my “I Can English Wednesday” Event… Thought that was funny 😉

Up the Learning Curve

After a year of learning English something unexpected and embarrassing happened at school.  Another Spanish-speaking student had just arrived to our school, and Mrs. Brown assigned me to be his interpreter.  Our school’s gym class consisted of square dancing in the basement to the sound of 78-rpm vinyl country music recordings.  Jorge and I went downstairs, and were encouraged to join the group.

In South America we had never seen square dancing, and had no notion of promenade or dosey-do.  Whereas the scene totally confused me, Jorge found it immensely amusing.  He began smiling ear-to-ear.  Mrs. Brown saw us frozen at the entrance and sternly commanded to Jorge “Wipe that grin off your face!”  Since Jorge did not understand I stepped in and said to him “Quítese el verde de la cara“, which means “wipe the green off your face”.  I did not know the difference between grin…

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