A Hike, A Snake And Paradise

hike, snake1It was a strange week. I did not feel myself at all. And then finally yesterday it all changed again. I’ve mentioned previously how much I love being out there in nature and how I can recharge. Consider it done.

We went on one of our favorite hikes again. I tell you, it is just so beautiful. You hike along the coastline and you have the forests the little hills and views. Beautiful views. And every now and then you spot some wildlife. We did too yesterday. Kangaroos again but also something very new…

Hike snake2In all those years we’ve been in this country and all those hikes we’ve done, we so far never encountered a snake. So far…

The path was pretty narrow and my son and I were ahead chit chatting along and looking around to see if we might spot some kangaroos again. For whichever reason I suddenly looked back on the path and there it was. I nearly pushed my boy over! I had to stop him, you know. He was not paying attention and at first did not realize why I stopped him until he saw it too. We were not crazy close but also not really far away. Thankfully it was only a baby Black Headed Python. There are so many crazy venomous snakes out here, like Tiger Snakes and the Eastern Brown Snake.

Hike snakeMy heart was racing while watching the little fellow disappear in the bush. So many things went through my mind. What if the kids would have ran ahead? What if it would have been a Tiger Snake or an Eastern Brown? How close is too close in such a case? Would it have disappeared as well? What if my daughter would have been ahead of us? How would she have reacted?

All those thoughts going through your mind and on the other side you know that they take off. If you are not trying to sneak up on them, they hear you come. They hear you walk. And they disappear. Still, it bugs you. I was not as relaxed anymore for the rest of the hike, until we reached our little beach.

hike snake3This place is so amazing. Every time we go there it feels as if all of the weight gets lifted off my shoulders. I am surprised how empty it always is there. Usually there are only one or two other people there as well. It is my little paradise. You feel you are so far from everything bothering you, so far from the city.

Sitting there, watching the waves roll in and listening to the sound of them finally calmed me down. I was observing the seagulls, which were trying to catch some food first but then realized that they might get to food easier if they stick around us. Everything made me feel good.

hike snake4It was okay. Nature had provided us again with the pleasure of having a peaceful encounter with one of its beautiful creatures. And suddenly I felt so good. It was okay, you know. Everything was okay. They snake left the moment it realized we were coming. We had the pleasure to watch it.

We move around in this world and in our lives not knowing what is around the corner or what is hidden around us. We trust and we move on and we believe it will be fine. And this is the way to go. I would probably never go out on a hike again and would not let my kids run free if I would let those ‘what if’s’ get to me. There is so much unknown out there, things we don’t want to deal with if we don’t have to. Still we never know if we might have to one day.

This little short encounter yesterday taught me again, that you never know what waits for you around the corner. But even if it is a scary thing, it might disappear as fast as it appeared.

So don’t be afraid. Don’t hide. Don’t hold back. Go out there. Embrace life and whatever might come along. Because there are too many great things you might miss out on if you keep yourself from living your life to the fullest.

23 thoughts on “A Hike, A Snake And Paradise

  1. Some wonderful pictures there. I loved the shot of the Kangaroos of course, and your picture of the snake looks amazing at full size (well-worth clicking on), as is the terrific capture of the gull in flight. Great reflexes “Momma”! Then to climax the whole thing with that wonderful, and secluded, beach area. Wow! All-in-all, I enjoyed our little stroll immensely. 🙂

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