My Picks Of The Week – #5

Finally a longer list again. I guess I got to read more last week and it shows. I hope you enjoy the posts I picked as much as I did. Great work!

Living the Dream
How very true. Just go and do it!

My Thoughts On A Page
I admire this blogger for writing about what she had endured. She is so strong and I am glad she is living a happy life now!

Insight From A Woman’s Heart
I never really struggle to express myself but this post is a good little guide on what to do and what not to do.

4 Times And Counting
Puts things into perspective…

Fun little challenge and I can’t wait to see what comes out of it :-

Fill Your Own Glass
The small little things we do will have a massive impact if we continue doing them…

Tangerine Drawins
I love Dukkah and can’t wait to try this recipe. But there is more to this text than just a recipe…

Finding My Sunshine
Amazing what cutting out certain things can do to you…

Lucile De Godoy
I pretty much think we all know people like this, or people who encountered people like this. Well put, Lucile.

My Creative Cosmos
And it puts things into perspectives…

Beautiful post

Check out how you can nominate your best blog…

Morning Story And Dilbert
What an amazing thing. I did not know that about them… thanks, Vancouver Visions for sharing!

The Monster In Your Closet
What an amazing encounter…

Eclectic Elcie
There is so much to it. Things we are not aware of. I respect and appreciate what soldiers do for all of us. And I respect and appreciate what their families do for all of us as well.

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