What Happened Next

This is in response to a very cool little challenge by Mindful Digressions (find out more here), which was a response to Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompts. Thought it would be a fun start into my day. Kind of like warming up my fingers ;-). Maybe you would like to join in and continue from here onwards? If so, please link back to me and Mindful Digression as well. Let’s see where this all ends up 🙂

I Seen It All (Part 2)

Detective Morrisey glanced at the two boys, not sure if he could really believe them.

“So what exactly did you see?” This time he was talking only to Henry. The way he looked at the boy made Henry nervous.

“I’ve seen the man. They argued. She was upset.” Henry moved closer to Ralph in need for some support.

“And then?”

“He grabbed her. Grabbed her really hard. She was crying. They did not see me.”

“Were you hiding?”

“Not really. But they were not paying attention. They were focused on each other. She was begging. She tried to kiss him. And then he pushed her.” Henry was waiting for Morrisey to say something but the Detective was just listening, lifting one eyebrow slightly. While the boy was talking he was taking notes and was scanning the surroundings, also checking out the bystanders.

“She almost fell over. And then she tried to hug him. But he did not let her. He got angrier and angrier.”

“Were you able to hear what the argument was about?”

“No. They were not loud. And it all happened so fast.”

“What happened next?”

“He… He…” Henry looked at Ralph.

“It’s okay, Ralphie. Tell us!”

“He hit her. Hit her hard. Right in the face… This time she fell. And then he kept hitting her… and then he sat on top of her and he had his hands around her neck. She was moving her legs. I think she was trying to kick him or something. And then she did not anymore…”

“What did you do then?”

“I ran. I wanted to hide. When he turned around I saw him and I am sure he saw me. He must have…”

“Where did you hide?”

The boys eyes started watering up. He was upset.

“Over there, in that alley, behind this dumpster.”

“You are doing great.” Morrisey’s voice was smoother than before. What the boy had described matched the findings of his team so far. The boy was upset and scared. “Did you see anything else?”

“Well, I only saw him ran past me.”

“Can you describe him?”

Henry gave a quick description of the man he had seen prior. I tried to be as specific as possible under the circumstances. “And there was something about the way he was running.”

“What do you mean?”

“I am not sure. The rhythm, the sound of it. Something was just slightly off. Kind of like limping, you know.”

“The sound?” Morrisey got curious.

“Well you know, footsteps sound like footsteps, but it sounded different. Like a clack and then footstep and then clack. Maybe the shoes or so.” Henry shrugged his shoulders. “And he had one of those halters. Like this guy.” Henry pointed over to one of Morrisey’s collegues. One of the plain-clothed detectives. “I am sure you are wearing one too, right?”

“You mean this?” Morrisey moved his jacket slightly and pointed to his halter.

“Yes. Just like this. And a gun.”

Morrisey frowned. He read through the description again and let it all sink in. If Henry was right and really saw what he claimed to have seen, Morrisey knew exactly who to interview and where to find him. And he did not like it.

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