Your Stories – Someone To Talk To! By Bohemian Nerd

And there it is! Another beautiful love story from a fellow blogger. Isn’t it great how people find each other? Thank you so much, Bohemian Nerd, for sharing your story with all of us here. If you would like your story too, head to my page ‘Couples’ and find out how.

I met my boyfriend on OK Cupid shortly after I moved to Maryland from Wisconsin. I moved to the East Coast to take care of a friend, Bobby, who was dying of cancer. I was the primary caregiver for him and thus the days became very long without any outside assistance. I didn’t know anyone in the area and had no car to explore outside of my little neighborhood.

I had decided to give OK Cupid a shot. I met Shawn within a few weeks of posting on the relationship site. Told him upfront my situation, that I was looking for a friend –someone to talk to. So we stayed in touch and talked every moment we had free.

Soon enough, I wanted to meet Shawn but also felt very cautious. I am from a fairly small town and had heard the neighborhoods could be pretty rough. I talked to Bob about what was going on and he told me to meet him.

So one day, Shawn set a day to meet. I told him he could find me at the mailboxes in the middle of the trailer park–I felt safer there then having him pick me up in front of the trailer. Bob’s friend agreed to take care of him while I was gone on my “date.” So there I was, at the park across from the mailboxes waiting for him. Figured I could scope him out before committing to meeting him. I saw him enter the trailer park and sit right in front of the mailbox–just waiting.

After about ten minutes, I strolled down the hill and towards his car. I peeked into his window and smiled. He opened up the door for me. We sat and talked for half an hour–right there.

Shawn was so nervous, so was I. Our first date was at the beach since I had never been to one. We spent the day looking for fossils and drinking Old Bay flavored beer out of Solo cups. We’ve been together since–in fact, we just celebrated our first six months. Together we have hiked mountain trails, explored the Smithsonian, took road trips, explored caves…So many memories šŸ™‚

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