Your Stories – My Wife Wrote A Guest Post. By A Blogger And A Father

Thank you so much, Underdaddy, for sharing this bloggers story with me here. I thought I would simply reblog it but then decided to copy a little snippet here. You need to head over and check it out though! Thank you so much, A Blogger And A Father (and his wife of course), for this amazing story. This story had me in tears by the end. And I am so happy that Underdaddy has sent me the link to it. I feel you all should head over and read. Read there story. All of it. This is love, people. This is what we want, what we are looking for. The one person. A wife like this, a husband like this. A relationship like this. I wish this family all the best and a lot of strength for the time to come. I am glad you found each other…

On August 28, 1997 I walked into the Dublin Castle, a pub in Camden Town, London, ordered a half pint, and sat at what I thought was an empty booth. It was probably the first time I had ever ordered a beer from a bartender or been to a bar by myself. As I took my seat, I realized that I was not alone. There were two guys huddled in the corner of the booth, talking. I quickly stood up, they encouraged me to stay and we all began to talk. They were musicians who were dropping off a demo tape to see if they could get a gig there. They didn’t know much about the bands playing that night but they invited me to go down the street to see their friend’s band. Feeling pretty impressed with my new found sense of independence, I agreed and we bounded down the road to the Laurel Tree. It’s at this point in our story where the facts are slightly blurred. There is Oren’s story and my story, but the short story is, the next day I told my Aunt Marlene that I had met my future husband, that I was in love and that I would be back in London. And I was right, about everything…

Head over here to read more…

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