Egg Or Chicken, Chicken Or Egg?

If you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why?

Seriously? When I saw this I just shook my head in disbelief. How can you possibly choose? Don’t they go hand in hand? It is like the question about which was first, the hen (or the chicken) or the egg… No chicken = no egg and no egg = no Chicken, right? It’s as simple as that.

I am trying to imagine writing my blog without reading others. I really struggle with the idea. So let’s say I keep doing it and keep getting my followers to come over and read and comment and like… hmm… It would feel kind of weird. It would not be right, you know. Maybe I would still get inspiration out of some of the comments but to be honest, I doubt it. There are so many inspiring posts out there and I can not stretch the point enough that they keep my brain working. It feels like watering a plant, you know. A drop here and a drop there and suddenly something grows out of it. That is how my posts “grow”. It’s about the drops of inspiration here and there. I really can’t imagine my blog world without going out and read others.

And how about only reading other blogger’s posts? Honestly, if I really had to choose, I would prefer that. At least I would get all the input. But then what to do with what’s going on in my head? I really don’t know.

As I’ve said before, both of them go hand in hand. There is no egg without the chicken and there is not chicken without the egg. It’s the same here. There is no blogging without feedback or inspiration from other blogs. And there is not reading other blogs without having an outlet for my thoughts. Well, there is, but it would be really hard. I think it’s what a blogger does and needs to do. Read, get inspired, share your thought, write. That is why we blog. Why we chose this path. There would be other options for us to write. But it is the community and the ideas we share and which take us further. That is at least what I love about this community. This exchange of ideas and thoughts and how the most amazing posts develop out of those exchanges and ideas.

It would be sad to take one of those pieces out of the game. It would just not work the same way anymore. So I am glad we can still write and read and read and write and that we don’t have to decide.

In response to the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Morton’s Fork

36 thoughts on “Egg Or Chicken, Chicken Or Egg?

  1. I could easily just read other folk’s blogs and not write on my own, I love reading and enjoy the vast diversity found in the blogging communities, though right now writing in my own is very much therapy for me, ahh heck I’ll agree being able to do both is the best.

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  2. Does it sound horrible to say I would chose to write over read? For me the blog was a way to get me writing again and it’s been phenomenally successful in that sense. I’ve very much enjoyed reading other blogs and discovering other communities and ideas, but if I had to choose, the decision would be an easy one for me. Luckily we don’t need to though, eh? 😉

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  3. Too hard to choose between the two. I love reading other blogs of all types, they can inspire, make me laugh, cheer me up or move me to tears. I would hate to give all that up. I would also hate not being able tot write mine either.

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  4. I seriously couldn’t choose! Like you, I love to read, but the reason I started the blog was to reignite my love of writing… Definitely hand in hand!!!

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  5. My blog keeps me in touch with what goes on in the world and ours about my only source of “conversation”. I live alone ands i don’t know a soul in this state where I moved to in 2008. I don’t work. I really don’t leave the house except to take my grandson to school and pick him up and to eat out with my daughter and the boys once in a while. So the only adult conversation I have is through blogging. I can’t imagine not writing or not reading blogs. I have to do both!

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  6. The cool part is that we do get to choose every day. We just happen to check the box that says “both”. Besides, I think things through by writing, but I learn so much from my lovely blog friends like you!

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    • Thank you 🙂 And I agree with you. I just finished a text about homeschooling which will be up later today and I feel so much better now after writing because it made me think about certain things again…


  7. Completely agree with you on this one! Blogging is letting your thoughts out, but without reading – hey, I would have nothing to cheer me up while being up at night because of my daughter 🙂

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  8. Du hast vollkommen recht. Ohne Input von außen könnte ich nicht schreiben, weder einen Blog, noch sonst etwas. Selbst der beste Autor braucht für seine phantastischen Geschichten Input von Außen. Seine Phantasie greift doch auf Erfahrungen, Erlebnisse, Gedanken, Gelesenes usw. zu. Etwas total neu zu erfinden ist sehr schwierig. Alles hat irgendwo seinen Ursprung. Nur durch das Lesen von Beiträgen oder Büchern oder anderem Lesematerial alleine wäre das Wissen, diese Gedanken zwar in meinem Kopf, aber ohne Sinn und Zweck. So teile ich lieber dieses Wissen, meine Gedanken in meinen Blogs, damit auch andere davon profitieren können. 🙂

    Herzliche Grüße aus Wien,


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