My Picks Of The Week – #6

Can you believe it is already February? And the first week of the second month of this year is already over? Well I can’t… Anyway. Here are my picks of this week. I hope you enjoy 😉

My Creative Cosmos
What a beautiful love letter…

Sustaining Community
Great post about parenting and I especially loved the quiz (and the outcome)…

Just the wrong timing… how harsh to hear that…

Cris’s Life Journey
I love a good post about soulmates…

See There’s This Thing Called Biology…
Yep, I want to be bad too every now and then…

Morning Story and Dilbert
Love this little short story with its deep message…

Perspectives On…
How lucky are you if you have a teacher like this…

Mellow And The Wildling
I really tried too to stay out of it, but I can’t. It is too important!

Fill Your Own Glass
It’s called optimism…

Me – Who Am I?
Never ever question your gut feeling, your intuition! See also here

For more of My Picks Of The Week head over here.

13 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week – #6

  1. Another fine collection to work my way through, for which I thank you very much. I see we were on the same page this week, as I’ve already been to two of your picks, but that just gives me more time for the others. Thanks again. 🙂

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