Update Overdue

I realized that my update on my little personal health journey is long overdue. I skipped it last Sunday. And believe me, it is not because I decided not to share my progress (or not) with you anymore. It is just because the two weeks did NOT go according to plan, especially the last one.

Although I had motivational issues the week before last (hey, we all get there, right?) I kept pushing myself and did all my workouts I’ve planned to do. And they felt actually really good. As good as they can. Most of them were the same I did the two weeks prior so if you follow my workout journey you know what I am talking about… My HIIT workouts… And they actually felt “easier”, so I guess there is the response of my body I was hoping for. Eating wise I was… well… on a very disciplined way undisciplined. I guess I just needed some comfort food… Don’t get me wrong, I did not go overboard too much, just a bit…

Last week though was a big struggle. I got hit by a pretty nasty cold last Sunday and, believe it or not, was not able to workout at all. This is pretty unusual for me as I rather work out then not. I just couldn’t. This will throw me back a little bit. I “lost” one week and I sure hope my body did not decide to treat the workouts now as if they were totally new ground again. I guess I will find out tomorrow…

Well, you know, sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. And that is okay. Sometimes you just have to cut yourself some slack and then regroup and move on. Especially when you get sick. If you don’t allow your body to recover, it might throw you back even further. Now I keep my fingers crossed that I will be able to stick to everything this week and reach the weight I was aiming at on the weekend…

22 thoughts on “Update Overdue

  1. I’m new to your weight loss journey. Are you planning on losing a significant amount of weight? Like 20 lbs and up? I would love to lose all the post children weight. Fifty lbs. I’m a skilled procrastinator and it’s super-challenging in the winter in a cold environment to lose weight as the brain urges one to reach for comfort food. Suerte.

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