My Hand Full Of Summer Joy

My hand full of summer joy

By The Champa Tree

Life after having a baby changes completely. Not that I wasn’t warned enough during pregnancy but really, never knew what busy-ness was till I had Brat H in my arms. The summers before that of 2014 were about quite a handful of joys. I would update my music and movie library. Books I had were never enough and I could never seem to move fast on the one I was reading last spring.

The flowers have begun to blossom and my handful of summer joys dried up too. Don’t have any time to visit the florist. But, then I ask myself –“Can this replace the biggest summer joy of mine?” My baby’s birth coincides with my favourite summers. So what if I change diapers all day long and the beautiful fragrance of those freshly cut chrysanthemums has been replaced by the poopy and burpy smell of an infant who is going through a terrible teething phase. So what if my house doesn’t sound of jazz anymore, but I do invite you over for some crazy rhyme time with us! So what if my favourite beverage these days is a ginger ale and sleep is like a distant dream. So what if I have to arrange meals three times a day, feed Brat H and not give up each time he decides to turn away from it all. So what if the bed needs a fix and my morning cup of tea rests in the microwave, gets heated thrice before it is gulped down the throat, cold. So what if the laundry needs a wash and the dishes are sitting in the sink, so what if the dusty glass top and the froth that accumulates on the bath cubicle stays there for a while.

I don’t quite know how long it will take before all this gets sorted. I do need to update my music library and finish that book I left in between but for now I am in love with such a splendid experience called motherhood. I love the business of cleaning poops and changing diapers. All in all, I am in love with my lil summer joy and yes, life changes after having a baby! But I wasn’t told enough about how beautiful it gets thereafter.

Founded by Vaishali, a mother (and on-the-job-learner), an ex-communication consultant and now a full-time stay-at-home writer. Loves to cook and write when not logging and cleaning poops or feeding Brat H. The Champa Tree was conceived in the month of May of 2014, around the same time when her son Harshal (Brat H) was born. The Champa Tree (TCT) is a comprehensive guide on how-to(s). Expecting and new parents (EPs & NPs) are always looking for answers to a hundred questions related to pregnancy, mother’s well-being, baby-care and what not. TCT answers to such queries and offers tips/tricks for EPs & NPs on how to manage time with their ongoing jobs and tiny-tots around.

10 thoughts on “My Hand Full Of Summer Joy

  1. By the time those comforts return, your life will have changed many, many times over. The landscape of your days will always be a little chaotic, but I promise you will remember them sweetly. Right now, my cold cup of tea is in the microwave and my kitchen table is covered in glitter, google eyes and construction paper as we are making Valentines for kindergarten. I dread the day that my kitchen table is missing gluey little fingerprints. But then, there are always grandchildren to keep my tea cold!

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    • Mine are older too. But not at that age yet 😉 I agree. It gets better, different “issues” but better (I will talk to you again once they hit the teenager time…)


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