I feel absolutely privileged to have had the chance to go to the beach today. But it’s not just that. I feel privileged with the life I live in general.

Today turned out to be less hot than predicted, nevertheless it was an amazing day on the beach. Summer seems to be back this week and hopefully we will get a chance to play in the sand and the water again over the next couple of days. It’s just such a bliss.

I am not sure if the kids realise how great it is to head to a empty beach whenever you feel like it. I think, for them it is kind of normal. I know they enjoy it, even though school of course needs to be done too so it is not a day off. Still, it feels like a break from the normal routine, at least for me.


There is always something to discover. And spending the time at such a beautiful place just feels great. Last time there were plenty of huge sea stars and today we found a massive jelly. Now I need to find out what this one is called. But that will be my task for later tonight.

I mentioned that I feel privileged with my life in general. Sometimes this feeling really gets to me. It’s those things we take for granted but might not be a normal part of someone else’s life. Like that get away to the beach. Or having fun with your healthy children. We take it for granted but it’s not. When we got back and everything was cleaned up and put away I worked out. While I was fighting through my workout I thought to myself how great it is to be able to do that. To just move. Move in general or pain free. Workout. Jump. Dance. It seems so normal. And I felt privileged. Privileged for the life I live. Privileged because I have healthy kids and because I am healthy. Privileged because of the friends I have in my life and the relationship I have with my husband.

I think sometimes it is good to remind yourself that you can not take your life for granted


21 thoughts on “Privileged

  1. Since temperatures here have not even approached freezing in a couple of weeks, I truly envy your empty beach 🙂
    I always remind myself, and my kids, how fortunate they are – nothing in life should ever be taken for granted.

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