Blast From The Past – When You Feel You Belong But You Know You Can Never Stay

A Blast From The Past in the spirit of the Blog Event ‘Re-Blog Wednesday’. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I enter and it takes me in. I float, I let it carry me along. Then I dive down as far and as long as I can…

It is a beautiful world, colorful and versatile. I stay down for as long as I can. I feel so at ease. I spot a turtle. It comes close, almost touches me and swims past me so close I can almost feel its flippers. It looks at me and doesn’t seem to fear me. What a beautiful creature.


I realise I need air so I let myself raise and when my head is above water again I take a deep breath. A big smile on my face I dive down, ignoring the snorkel. I want to go back down. I am “flying” over the corals watching the fish, holding the air in. I spot a stingray hidden down there half under the corals and half under the sand. Only a bit of his body visible.

There are so many colourful fish everywhere. What a beautiful world. I loose myself in this world, in this moment. But then my body reminds me again of the need of oxygen.

What a magical place it is and I so feel I belong in it. But I know I will never be truly able to stay. Unfortunately I am not a mermaid. But I guess if I were, I would miss the world out of the water too.

How beautiful it would be to be able to be a shape shifter. To be able to turn into a mermaid or a dolphin, a shark or a whale or even a clown fish.

How amazing would it be to do that. Or to turn into an eagle. To be able to truly enjoy the water, the earth, the air. I guess the only way to dot is to keep visiting and to keep dreaming about it.

Imagine, how wonderful it would be…

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