Your Stories – Online Dating – ‘Oh no, i have become one of those people….’! By The Unsimplelife

What a great addition to ‘Couples – Your Stories’. If it is meant to be it’s meant to be… Thanks for sharing your story with me, Ray from The Unsimplelife!

The UnsimpleLife

I am proud to say i have been happily unmarried for a few years now. However, i am not so proud to admit, i met my partner in an online chatroom, full of trolls and other strange internet dwellers.

Sadly, i have become one of those people…..

Yes me, i was a chatroom regular on and off for the best part of ten years. It was my guilty pleasure, my escape from my parents, my other, anonymous life. One day, those worlds collided, and i have never been happier.

As some of you may have read in a previous post, i lost a close friend and work colleague of four years to a crocodile attack. Click this link to read the article about it by SMH. Needless to say, it was a horrible, difficult period in my life. Shortly after this event occurred, i also lost my mother suddenly…

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