My Picks Of The Week – #8

I’ve read so many great posts this week and I appreciated it that you shared them with me. I initially thought about incorporating them here but decided against it, as there would simply be too many and I kind of want this to stay what it is, a collection of posts I stumble across during the week. If you have not been there yet, feel free to head over to my post ‘Intruduce Yourself’ and check out the great posts in the comments. They are sure worth it.

The Chatter Blog
Great post about strength of a woman. Something every girl should know…

Betty, Peg And The Littlelegs
A beautiful post about mom’s and respect and tolerance…

About being an expat and feeling homesick… or homesickness in general… Great way to look at it…

Author Erika Kind
A great way to look at ‘Soul Mates’…

Beyond The Picket Fence
Pretty nice way to look at something that might as well happen to all of us at some point…

Morning Story And Dilbert
All about questioning certain things and where you can get by doing so…

Some Type Of Artist
In one way or the other we can all relate to this cycle…

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