Mean girls cyberbully adults on social media

I think in many cases the issue might be that some just don’t realize how much they hurt a real person. But then I guess there are others, who just get a kick out of hunting and hurting people. How sad, really.


mean girls

Just saw some more mean girl menopausal women gang up and attack another woman on her wall. What is it with Facebook that makes grown women act like they are seventeen year olds still in high school? Are they living out their teen fantasies by doing this stuff? Some of the language is so foul and some of the things that are said could never be repeated in any decent society. Call me naive but I just don’t get what they get out of it. You would think by the time you are an adult you would know better.

Often times these same cyberbullies are the ones that would run and hide in real life. The keyboard makes them brave. They say whatever pops into their heads accusing others of all kinds of vile deeds. Why in the world if you think someone is doing something illegal you wouldn’t go…

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8 thoughts on “Mean girls cyberbully adults on social media

  1. The goal is often to silence a person or other people so they won’t say anything you’re afraid to hear. And, eventually, so they won’t think anything you’re afraid they might eventually say. This isn’t peculiar to social media, no way. And women have been keeping other women in line for as long as men have been running the show.

    There are so many ways to suppress speech and thought, in private and in public, online and offline. Fwiw, I think the backup is very important. Look what happens when one person trashes another and gets no uptake for it: usually nothing happens. And look what happens when someone contradicts the trasher or otherwise calls him on what he said. Sometimes a real discussion results, good heavens. Scary stuff!

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