My Dearest Melbourne

Thank you so much for treating us with such high temperatures over the last 3 days. The heat and the humidity made me realise that summer is indeed not over just yet.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to really enjoy the almost 40C as we had so much on during those days. So I was really looking forward to today as you promised another nice day, although with 29C slightly colder. And so ergot everything ready to head to our favourite beach, although the sky looked already a bit grey. But you know, we figured we can trust the weather man and enjoy a couple of hours in the sand and in the water…

Well… It was not meant to be as you showed your special character once more and let the temperature drop to under 20C the moment we arrived. And not just that. You also opened ‘the gates’ for us and the rain was pouring in way that reminded me of Switzerland.

Not a perfect day on the beach but at least I don’t have to water the plants today and you also treated me with some thunder and lightening. I truly enjoyed that, especially overlooking the ocean. And there will be a next time this summer, for sure.

So again, thanks Melbourne for always having a surprise in store for us. Life would be boring without it 😉


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