Sweating It

Done! I am done! I am so glad this workout is done. I am in my second month of a 3 month workout plan and it starts getting easier but also harder day by day. I can feel how much my body already progressed since I’ve started the program and how much it has bounced back after being sick for a couple of days.

Today felt actually pretty good, hard and challenging but good. The push ups seem to be easier and faster and the form better. The jump squats seem to be stronger and higher and the high knees faster. It’s a good feeling, rewarding and motivating. Tomorrow will be the first day on which I am supposed to do two HIIT workouts and I am kind of looking forward to it. I was supposed to do two workouts early last week but I felt so bad after the first workout that I decided to listen to my body and only do one. I am glad I did. I think I would not feel so good today if I would have pushed me. I don’t know what it was on that day, maybe it was still a bit of a ‘left over’ from being sick or maybe it was just that day. It was humid and hot and I was tired and didn’t feel my usual self even before I did my first workout.

I am looking forward to the challenge tomorrow. It will be fun… of course…

Besides the workout which always comes easier to me than staying on top of my diet I actually managed stick to my plan for a while now. I started fasting on 2 to 3 days a week now and it actually makes me feel good (once I can finally eat my meal in the evening). Weight-wise I am getting close to my end of this month goal. I am aware of the fact that I could be already much further, that could have lost an additional kilo at least. But this journey is not about being tough. It is about trying to make it normal and for that I need my weekends, on which we have friends over or are at our friends places and enjoy a good meal and a good glass of wine as well. This is what life is all about and this is why I try to stay normal with what I try to do here.

I know that I could get better results much faster if I would cut out those little pleasures over the weekends. But hey, you have to enjoy the nice things in life as well.

So in the spirit of working hard, sweating heaps and feeling great I thought I share one of my favorite ZWOW workouts. It’s one of the older ones but still pretty awesome and I might even say fun, trust me!

20 thoughts on “Sweating It

  1. Last summer I did Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, and it was HARD!! Sweat pouring over me but like you say, it got harder, but easier… Until I hurt my knee!!! Oh well!
    Well done ! 👍

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    • Oh no! I have a Jillian Michaels Abs workout DVD. I have to say I loved the workout but I kind of started really not liking her and her constant talking. You should check out Zuzkalight. I like her. And she does the workout as well, in real time. That was something I got a bit annoyed with JM, as in the workouts I have from her, she is mainly talking (and telling us how exhausting and tough the workout is, while she is teasing the two girls who actually do it for her). Don’t get me wrong, I think she is an amazing trainer. But I just prefer Zuzka. Is your knee gone for good?

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  2. I don’t take any kind of 30-day challenge or other kinds of periodical workout. I simply do this every morning: 100 push-ups in 2 minutes, 45 sit-ups in 1 minute, 25 pull-ups (not timed), 1.5-mile run in 9 minute 30 seconds (all those are maximum times allowed. Usually it takes me faster to do each these days), and 10-20 minutes of 10kg-dumbbell lifts. I think this daily light workout-set does me more good than going to the gym once a week for a 3-hour workout.

    And it’s much cheaper. 😉

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    • I agree. That’s why I love the Zuzkalight workout. I’ve spent just under $20 for 3 DVD’s and there are around 70 workouts still on YouTube. All easy to do at home. I have a background in the fitness industry and believe me, I rather run a marathon than go to the gym. So her workouts suit me just perfectly. Maximum 30min including warm up and cool down, bodyweight workouts with the option to use dumbbells if you want to. Your workout sounds perfect, by the way.

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  3. One of the biggest pleasures in life is do what you most like and have passion to do it. Congratulations for that 🙂
    Keep with your workouts and enjoy life 😉
    By the way, awesome layout. You have a great blog here 😉

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  4. I am on my last week (week 13) of P90X. It is the best feeling knowing you are getting stronger each week. I continue to struggle with my poor eating habits. We do well most days, but we like to go out and enjoy a few drinks and a meal out a few times per week. If I ever got the eating discipline to go along with the workout discipline I’d be unstoppable! 😉 Your workout looks awesome- challenging and rewarding! I think I will do Les Mills Combat next- they focus a lot on HIIT as well. Congrats on your progress and determination!

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