I’ve Earned A Reward

RewardI am sitting here, drowning in sweat and look back on a week of hard workout, 3 fasting days and sticking (almost) to my eating plan. I had only one slip and that was on the second fasting day, when I decided to eat a slice of cheesecake instead of a proper meal, nevertheless I stuck to the maximum amount of Calories allowed on that day.

So I am sitting here, after finishing yet another HIIT workout, which included a total of 40 jump Squats with side leg lifts, 40 Knee Hug Crunches, 40 Jump Lunge Kick Ups, 40 Diagonal Plank Jumps (or Moguls) and 40 Surfers… I was already sore before I started the workout, still from yesterday’s workout.

This week I earned a reward. I did well. I pulled through, I stuck to everything I had in mind and I almost reached my weight loss goal for end of February. I am only 300gr off. And that is not much!

Today I will treat myself with a great night out with the family and maybe even a glass of wine. Tomorrow will be a well deserved day off from workout. In the evening we will have friends over and I am looking forward to seeing them. But right now, I am longing for a cup of coffee and maybe, just maybe one cookie πŸ˜‰


In response to the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Reward

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