My Picks Of The Week – #9

And yet another week has passed and we are at the end of the second month of 2015. Here are this weeks picks. I hope you enjoy the posts and please check the blogs out further. They are great!

See, There’s A Thing Called Biology and this one too
Some of them I can totally agree on 😉 But what a shame that all the super woman training seems to be for nothing…

Pretty similar to the first post I picked but yet so different. Loved it. Especially point 6 and 11…

Marylin Munrow
What a great advice

It’s shocking what noise can do to us and how we get rushed and don’t stop and breathe anymore…

An interesting thought, especially for me, as I feel that something started to shift in my brain…

Couldn’t agree more…

Short and sweet…

Morning Story and Dilbert
This really got to me, as I tend to do the same and want to wait for a special occasion. No longer!

The Champa Tree
Oh so true… yet so worth it…

The Silver Lining Mama

What a honest and true post…

Pixelated LifestyleGreat post about asking for permission… or not asking…

I just had to add this! Suzie nailed it! I am totally up for this challenge… What about you?


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11 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week – #9

  1. Thank you for including my post ..
    Thanks for reading and im glad u felt it was worth sharing 🙂
    Looking forward to readong through the others you have recommended


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  2. Thanks for the mention, much appreciated. I like these blog round ups where you can see what people have been reading. There are some hundred million blogs in the world and we can never hope to read them all, so it’s kind of fun when you network and discover some of the same people reading the same ones.

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