A Night With The Foo Fighters – Or A Lesson In Charisma

Foofighters1I mentioned in my post yesterday, that my reward will be a night out with the family. What a great night it was! Along the way, we all got a pretty good lesson in charisma.

See, I am not what you call a crazy fan. I love my music and the music I listen to is pretty versatile. There are certain artists or bands I really love though and the ‘Foo Fighters’ are definitely amongst them. Still, I could probably only name a few of their songs and I would never ever be able to tell you which album their from.  My husband is slightly different. He his basically a walking ‘Google’ (no more Encyclopedia…) in regards to music. You ask, he gives you the answer. Needless to say, that he is a big ‘Foo Fighters’ fan. So quite a while ago he got tickets for this concert, here in our city.

I was a bit hesitating as I was not sure how good it would be to take the kids to a concert like this. But given the fact that he had booked seats I thought it would be fine. And in the worst case you can always leave, right?

Foofighters2Well, there was no leaving. The kids had a great time and so did we oldies. What an amazing concert… See, I have not been to many concerts in my life. And all of the ones I’ve been to were in Switzerland. Now we do have “big” stadiums there too (kind of) but nothing like the one we were in yesterday. They expected over 60’000 people. A number that kind of scares me. It’s a lot of people in a enclosed area…

Anyway… given that we had seats booked, we were quite far up, which was awesome under the circumstances. If it would just be me, I would still prefer to be down there and be able to dance and hop and be closer. But sitting up there was amazing. All those people down there! All those people around you! Everyone in a good mood, singing, enjoying the music and dancing. And what a show. I’ve been to concerts where I thought that the voices sounded so totally different, where I thought the music was… well… soso. But yesterday was just great. Dave Grohl and the boys owned the place and they owned the people in there.

Sitting up there I thought how crazy it must feel if you step on a stage and you see all those people. All those people, who not only paid money to buy your music but also spend money to come and see you live. All those people who love what you do. Who are there to see you, to watch you perform and to listen to your music. All those people love what you do…

Foofighters3What a crazy feeling… I wonder how much of a kick something like this gives you. To see your success so obviously in front of you. There was an ocean of people. Imagine seeing this! And imagine they all sing your song(s). It must feel great. I wonder if they still feel pressure these days, after being successful for so long.

We had 2.5 hours of great entertainment and Dave Grohl did not take one break. He was out there, entertaining. Singing, rocking, talking and running up and down the stage. He was out there, taking a couple on stage and witness the guy propose. He was out there telling the fans, that they are the 6th ‘Foo Fighter’ in the band… He was out there telling them how much it meant to them to be out there, to have fun. He was out there telling everyone, that everyone was here for the same reason: To have fun. And he was out there telling everyone that they don’t do short shows. And it was what we all got. A great long show. Great script? Maybe… but who cares? It was his charisma. It was the way he said it, the way he rocked, the way the band rocked. And I am sure it is the reason that the ‘Foo Fighters’ has been so successful for such a long time.

It was loud and crowded and hot. But it was a great treat and the perfect ending to a really great day.

13 thoughts on “A Night With The Foo Fighters – Or A Lesson In Charisma

  1. Thats the spirit of live concerts I love so much although the high amount of people always scares me like hell while waiting for the start but with the first tone of the music all the fear is forgotten and ita pure joy!

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  2. Wow, what an experience. I totally understand your excitement. The stadiums in Australia are a lot bigger than the ones in Switzerland…for sure… lol When I went to see the Cirque de Soleil at the Honda Center n Anaheim (CA) I was standing in awe in front of the gigantic size. I don’t know the capacity it holds but I don’t think it is 60’000. So I understand your amazement.

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  3. I love that both generations could go and enjoy. I saw the Foo Fighters in the 90’s and back then they were so edgy… lovely that they’ve gone on over the years and are still a success.

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