Thank You Oren: A Dad Blogger Remembers a Dad Blogger

A couple of weeks ago I posted this story on my blog. I remember being surprised about the fact that Underdaddy approached me about posting this story. But I am always up for a good love story and so I agreed and checked it out. Needless to say how much it touched me. It is such a beautiful love story… I wanted to read more about the man this woman described and headed over to the blog. The person I ‘met’ there was indeed the wonderful man described here.

When I saw this post, I got very sad. I felt like I lost someone I knew, although I did not know Oren at all. But reading him made me feel like I did.

My thoughts are with his wife and the children…

One Good Dad

“Thank you.”

What does a dad blogger do when another dad blogger passes away? Blog about it of course.

Oren MillerRight off the bat, I need to say I have no idea how this post is going to turn out. Often times I have an agenda and a method in writing a post. The beginning, middle, and end are already worked out in my mind before I type the first letter. This post, one that I figured would be written someday… I don’t know how to write. I might wander off subject or jump around. I might rattle on incoherently. But writing this post might be only for me. It might be for my dad blogger brothers. I don’t know, but here it goes.

 “Thank you.”

Last weekend I arrived in San Francisco to attend the Dad 2.0 Summit, a conference for dad bloggers. This year was extra special for…

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2 thoughts on “Thank You Oren: A Dad Blogger Remembers a Dad Blogger

  1. I think Oren may have been a rare case where someone hasn’t died so much as they grew too big for their body. It seems his love for life has gone viral and allowed him to Transcend something that silences everyone else.

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