Avital Florence Amelia

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Silver Lining Mama

SHE-LOGY: Inspirational Women As Role Models For My Girl.

Thank you, Sandra of amommasview, for saying yes to guest post for She-logy.

For years now I am working on putting together a list of inspirational women for my daughter. I find that today girls get sucked into admiring all those pop star girls, who frankly don’t do anything than trying to sing and wear tight and short close and heaps of make up. They all get marketed the same way: Sexy. That’s my take on it! So what do they teach our girls? What do our girls get out of it? The stupid idea that you have to starve yourself, put color on your face and dress… hmmm… questionably from a mom’s point of view.

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8 thoughts on “Avital Florence Amelia

  1. I never got to say thank you for introducing me to Avital. It’s the first time I heard of her and her inspiring background. I hope we can continue exchanging lists for role models for our daughters. 🙂 Thanks again for your guest post. xo Jan

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  2. I am an older mama. My heart has been broken by my daughter. I gave her my best, but unfortunately the world took her. She made all the wrong choices so I had to let her go and find out for herself that I was telling her the truth. I was able to get her through nursing school and she is an RN so I suppose there is still hope that she will figure this thing called life out. I have raised 4 kids so I know a little bit about this whole mom thing or at least I like to think I do. It is not a job for the faint of heart. One piece of advice I could give you and to all mom’s out there is protect your heart, and don’t give all of yourself away . I did and that was a mistake. I love my kids, but I should’ve loved myself a little bit more and saved something for now. I loved being a mom but it is a hard job. I wouldn’t have done anything different. I stuck to my beliefs, core morals and values, and I gave them the best I could. They will have to live with their choices. I hope I taught them that at least. Good luck to you with your daughter…

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  3. I never consciously directed my children toward role models. I just lived my life, took opportunities to work through things with them as they arose, and was honest. My daughter said I was her role model. She said she was surprised when she first encountered sexism, not intimidated, just something to deal with head on. Both my kids are remarkable, free adults. I am so proud of them. They both grew up cooking, cleaning, mowing, knowing how to change tires.

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