Obituary – What?

Now, I don’t do this very often but I just have to: What kind of stupid idea is this prompt? I mean, seriously? Writing your own obituary? I don’t mind if you want to do this on your own, but as a post?

When I saw this prompt today it kind of took my breath away. There are many people in this forum who lost someone or who are very sick and write to deal with what they have to deal with. I wrote this prompt and I had to think about a few of them I am in touch with. And I felt sick.

I wonder what they think about it. I wonder how it makes them feel, that for other bloggers and obviously WordPress it is like a game. Maybe I go to far with this and yes, you don’t have to do it and yes, you don’t even have to look at the Daily Prompt. But you know what? What if you have a bad day? What if being sick gets to you so much that you try to find an inspiration to write and the one thing you see is this prompt? What if you feel so sad about having lost someone close to you, that you don’t find words but in order to not drown you want to write but you lack inspiration and you try to find it in a Daily Prompt. And bang there is a smack in your face!

I think this was not thought through very well. I’ve never experienced it before but this prompt makes me really angry.

29 thoughts on “Obituary – What?

  1. I hadn’t seen the prompt I don’t usually use them but I get a creepy feeling from stuff like this. They had one on Facebook that said I just died what do you say about me. Really bothered me so I know how you feel. I am sure they meant well but it seems in poor taste.

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    • I’ve seen this trope before on movies, such as Serendipity, and in writing books with prompts. Yes, the point of it is to make you think about how you want your life to be viewed after you’re gone, how you want to have spent it. A bit morbid, yes, but the exercise is also potentially very meaningful, self-revelatory, and motivating to us to make the most of life now. I understand your perspective. Perhaps “Write your own eulogy (or obituary)” would have been less startling. Some obituaries are features of famous figures with nuanced examinations, touching praise, well-put fond remembrances, and other points of interest, but most are rather depressing, formulaic rattlings-off of rote details of time, place, people, and circumstances. So I can understand that automatic association, too. Either way, sometimes we get smacked in the face by words, and it’s important to remember that’s all they are.

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  2. To prove that you’re not overreacting, what you said in your post is exactly what has happened to me… I barely ever (I mean rarely) use the daily post, but today has been such a rough day that I needed something to write about. I go to the daily prompt and this is what I saw… I went from crying to bawling. I’m quite angry about this prompt as well.

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  3. I think the disconnect may be age. I don’t know what the average age of the average IT person is at WordPress but I hear that most of the people who work in IT are under thirty. I don’t even know if its still called IT. But my point is that I don’t think death is real for people who are in the physical prime of life. Note I said physical,,,because the intellectual prime comes later…That’s my take on it.

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