Your Stories – Hold Me Like A Baby! By Josh

Thank you so much, Josh from My Friday Blog, for sharing your story with me. This is the first part of it and for all of you, who would like to know how it all progresses and what happens next head over to the posts linked at the end of this one. And now enjoy the start to what I think is a sweet love story 🙂

It was an ordinary late September evening in northern Nevada.  The air was still warm as the young man drove his father’s Dodge Magnum through the Y that separates Sparks from Reno.  As he drove along 4th street, he noticed the absence of other cars on the road.  As he continued, he questioned whether he really wanted to go.

He knew 4th street was home to run-down motels, tweakers, hookers, and homeless.  It had been for years.  Did he really want to go see an old high school friend’s husband’s band in some shit-hole on 4th street?

He became acutely aware of the cell phone in his right front pocket.  All he’d need to do is pull over, make up some excuse, call his old friend, and turn back.  It had been almost three months since he filed for divorce and years since his marriage was more than just a formality.  He had gone out a few times already since being back in town and had fun.  Why not tonight?

So he fought his social anxiety and slowed the car as he looked for some club called The Underground.  And in a block devoid of any life, he finally saw a group of people standing in the doorway of an industrial building.  There were a few cars right out front, & then he saw a lot of cars and groups of people on the adjacent side-street.  Then, he finally saw the sign that confirmed he was in the right place.  He turned down the next side street, and parked his father’s beloved car in the most well-lit, least sketchy spot he could find.

He was feeling nervous, yet excited.  His hair was recently cut, he was wearing his douche-bag shirt, (a shirt by a particular company he hated, that was popular with douche-bag, bro-types, but looked good on him and seemed to resonate with the ladies), and as he approached, he noticed he had already caught the eye of a few of the young women near the door.

He smiled at one of the young women standing near the door.  As he paid the doorman the $5 cover, he was asked to show his ID.  He pulled out his Washington driver’s license and the doorman remarked on the state of issuance.  The young woman took the opportunity to talk to him.

“Are you from Washington?”

“No,” the man smiled, “I’m from here, but moved to Seattle about 6 years ago.  Now I’m back.”

“I’m (name erased due to alcohol, and later events),” the woman smiled back.  “Are you staying for all the bands?”

“I don’t see why not.”  “My name’s Josh.”

“I’m waiting for a couple friends, Josh,” started the woman, “I’ll see you in there?”

“Sounds good,” Josh replied as he moved from the entry way into the large room that was The Underground.

“1 down,” he thought to himself.

He looked ahead to the stage.  It was a decent room, the stage looked large enough for most bands.  The floor was wide and unobstructed, except for the groups of people milling about.  The soundsystem looked to be rather impressive for a club of its size.  To the left was the bar, and at the edge of the bar was his old friend from high school.  When he saw her, she noticed him at the same time and called him over.

She was with a large group of people.  She introduced Josh to her husband, who seemed like a friendly person and started talking music with Josh right away.  He was already glad he decided to show up.  She then introduced him to her female friends.

They were all fairly attractive.  In fact, one of the females he took interest in was not just her friend, but her cousin.  He wondered if he should stay away from her for that reason, but decided cousins were fair-game.

Then she introduced him to her younger sister.  She told him they had only met about a year earlier.  They had the same “sperm-donor” (her words), lived in the same city most of their lives, and only found each other a year earlier.

She was beautiful.  They exchanged hellos, and they turned away from each other.  He definitely did not give her the same type of greeting he gave to the woman near the door.  Only one thought was going through his mind at that time.

“Sister.  Off limits.”

She didn’t really seem interested anyway.  And so, after a few drinks, he started chatting with his old friend’s cousin.  She was nice, and could hold an intelligent conversation.  And as he scanned the room to see about the other women he noticed, he became aware that most of them were Woo-girls.  (For reference, a Woo-girl is a woman, who, after a few drinks, becomes a very sloppy, loud, annoying creature who attracts potential mates by yelling “Woo!”)  Even though Josh was wearing his douche-bag shirt, he didn’t really consider himself to be a douche-bag (the ideal mate for the Woo-girl).  And so, he continued talking to his old friend’s cousin.  Despite the lack of a major spark, he asked for her number to see if maybe something would develop later.

As he was walking back to his old friend toward the end of the night to say goodbye, the beautiful sister approached, (or stumbled up to, in actuality) Josh.  Before he could react, she threw her arms around him and slurred, “Hold me like a baby!”

Josh didn’t know what to do.  He looked around the room for help, or a hidden camera, or something to give him a hint as to what the hell was happening.  His arms remained pinned to his sides.  After a moment, he laughed.

She let him go, looked up at him, and said, “I’m so sorry!”

Josh smiled, looked back at her and said, “It’s okay.  Happens all the time.”

He didn’t make any kind of move, and simply left the night at that.  She was too intoxicated, and she was still his friend’s sister.

A couple days later, Josh called the cousin to see if she’d like to go to a concert with him.  He left a voicemail, and fortunately, she never returned the call.

He went to the concert alone, feeling a little strange going by himself, but proud of himself for doing it anyway.

And all the while, a thought bounced around in his head of the great night at The Underground, and of the beautiful woman who grabbed him and said, “Hold me like a baby.”

To be continued here….

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