It’s those little things in life, those moments of joy, the giggles of the kids, the sun warming up your skin. A beautiful sunset, a great night with your friends. Those moments, when you just totally feel at ease. Bliss!

The word ‘Bliss’ usually comes to my mind when I am out in nature, when I feel the wind in my hair, the sun on my skin, when I smell the air. Capturing this in a picture is not possible.

The word ‘Bliss’ comes to my mind when I see my kids laugh, when I watch them play or create, when I see them happy. I do capture those moments but I don’t share those pictures online.

The word ‘Bliss’ comes to my mind when I feel this content feeling of happiness. Capturing it is not possible.

There are though some ‘Bliss’ moments I can capture in a picture. The moments when you put your feet in the warm sand (although today the sand was not really that warm…), or the moments when you look at an amazingly beautiful flower, like this Tiger Lily, which is out in our back yard. It is the beauty of nature that amazes me in all it’s different ways, colors and shapes. It is that moment, when you look at something and you just think “Bliss”, because you are so content to have experienced it, that there are simply no other words coming to your mind.

I still got sand between my toes...

I still got sand between my toes…

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

Or it is a moment like this, which I captured about two years ago, which is just taking your breath away…



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20 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. I’m a bit envious. If it were warmer here, I’d bury my feet in the sand – now that would be bliss. At the moment, I might give myself frostbite, though…

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