Which One To Choose?

All I can see at the moment are those three doors. Three doors, that are in front of me and I know I have to choose one of them but I just don’t know which one. How would I possibly know which one? All of them are colorful, all of them look inviting. All I do know is that I have to choose and I have to keep going.

3doorsI keep looking at them, hoping for a sign. Something that tells me which one. But there is nothing. Nothing but a feeling deep inside of me. So I close my eyes and I try to listen to this feeling. I try to listen to my inner voice and when I open my eyes again I know which one to choose. I walk up to it and open it and in that moment I know, I’ve made the right decision…

Although only being a dream in this case, facing taking a decision like this is something we encounter on a daily base. Often we are facing a crossroad in life and don’t really know which direction to choose. We are left standing there, wondering which direction would be the right one, often trying to consider what we know, advices we got or offers we previously had turned down. Still the decision is never easy. Will the path we choose really lead us to what hopefully makes us happy? Will it lead us to something that will carry us for the rest of our life? Or will we make the wrong decision and end up struggling?

How easy would it be, if someone would take the decision for us, would choose for us or would be able to tell us which one will forever work out just fine. But there is no such thing in life. There is no such thing as an easy, bump and challenge free ride. It is not what life is about. If it would be all about a smooth ride, we would never learn and we would never grow.

Choosing the path or ‘the door’ we want to take, we want to open up and walk through, is not always easy. I strongly believe though that deep inside of ourselves we always know the right answer. We just have forgotten to listen. We have forgotten to trust in our instincts. There are too many influences from the outside and we don’t allow us to ignore them, close our eyes and listen. Listen to our inner voice, to our gut-feeling and just trust and follow it.

I believe that life would be easier for us if we would do this more often. If we would trust our instincts and follow our inner voice. We just have to be courageous enough to do it and if we do, we will find what we are looking for on the other side.

In response to the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Just a Dream

16 thoughts on “Which One To Choose?

  1. That is amazing what you wrote. Your words totally speak to me. How often do we stand in front of a decision and wish something to happen that decides for us… doesn’t work. I guess the most important part on making a decision is to make it, go with it, and don’t look back. There might come a time things might change and we have to review our decisions. But we never ever should doubt a decision once made since at that time it felt right! Thank you for this post!

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  2. Hah! Now I wonder where this idea came from, huh?! LOL. I love it! And in response, I’ll just say, it doesn’t matter which door you pick…..there are no wrong roads or doors…some easier, some more colourful, but all doors/roads will be what you make them and they will all be what makes you! πŸ™‚

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