It is so easy to connect with people nowadays. There are plenty of opportunities. Email, mobile phone, social network, you name it. Still I feel people are no longer really connected or not as connected as they used to be years ago, when a phone call was still a proper phone call, not text messages and a letter was the one thing you’ve waited the most for. Maybe because it got so easy to stay connected we don’t connect on a deep level any longer…

Connect - Street

Connect – Street

A street connects you with a place or a person you want to be connected with…

Connect - Street

Connect – Street

A bridge connects you with a place or a person you want to see again. Or it connects two parts of a city…

Connect - Bridge

Connect – Bridge

A phone connects you with someone you want to talk to… And wine can do the same ๐Ÿ˜‰

Connect - Phone

Connect – Phone

In response to Photo101 – Connected.

11 thoughts on “Connect

  1. you are so right. i think technology takes away the human connection from our interaction. i still enjoy handwriting and speaking face to face. because of technology, i began to share stories at so that my family members can read to help us feel that connection again. many of them enjoy these stories and the family unit we all share, but we also can’t forget to visit and do a face to face conversation. families are all we have. follow my stories as i follow yours (momma to momma).

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  2. I have been an avid letter writer since I was a young child, but sadly it is now always one sided. Text messaging annoys me because of the ‘auto spell’ as you type and having to turn the damn thing off, Phone calls are costly, but again no-one calls us so our mobile/cell phone is perfectly adequate for our needs.
    Times have changed, but take away the technology (email, Skype, the latest app for your smart phone) how can people connect? Easy. TALK to each other. It’s called conversation, another dying ‘art’.

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