What Would I Try?

Yesterday I asked you what you would try if you had no fear. Thank you all for commenting and by the way skydiving, bungee jumping and scuba diving was mentioned the most often. Of course I was thinking about what I would do if I had no fear. And this is what I came up with:

If I had no fear I would climb Mount Everest and stand on top of the mountain enjoying the view. There are so many things here that I am afraid of. I would be afraid of living in the base camp, away from my family. Although I grew up in Switzerland with its sort of cold winters, I would be scared of the cold, of the storms up there. I would be scared of not getting enough oxygen. I would be totally scared of making a wrong step, slipping and falling, falling, falling… But the idea of standing on top of that mountain always gets me. How wonderful must it be to be up there and to have achieved something like this?

Source: IamKatieHoffman.com

Source: IamKatieHoffman.com

If I had no fear I would love to be on a massive stage in front of a huge crowd and experience what it feels like to perform in front of thousands of people. How amazing must it be? But for that I would have to be talented as well and unfortunately even my shower gets an earache when I sing and I don’t play any instrument. Who knows, maybe I figure out a way one day…

Foofighters3If I had no fear I would go base jumping with a wing suit. For some reason this is more appealing to me than skydiving…

If I had no fear I would go swimming with sharks and by that I don’t mean being in a cage but really diving with a group of sharks…

If I had no fear I would gallop a race horse on a race track. I always wanted to know how that feels. I once got to gallop my horse on a race track but it was after a long distance race and she was not as fresh anymore. Still it felt amazing. I wonder how it would be though galloping a trained race horse…

my girlIf I had no fear I would get a snake. I love snakes but I don’t have the courage to get one…

SnakeLooking at those fears I realize how little they actually are. There is plenty more I could list here but they all are fears I know I could face if I wanted to. I don’t like spiders but I would be fine to put one on my head or shoulder if I had to. I really don’t like Emus but I would totally feed one if you would challenge me. There are things that kind of take my breath away thinking about it but I know I would be able to do it, if I had to.

I did things in my life of which I said or thought that I would never do them. I once worked for Bobsleigh World Championships and I told my colleague back then that I would never sit in a bob (they offered taxi runs). I ended up doing it twice and it was the most amazing feeling ever. Back then I told him that I would hop in that bob but only on a specific day. I thought I was super smart as I knew that they were totally booked out that day. I did not consider that he would organize an extra bob just for me… Looking back, I am sure glad he did.

See, I have a thing with speed. Speed scares me. So a roller-coaster or a taxi bob run or driving in a race car would be challenging for me.

I also said that I would never do white water rafting but my husband kind of tricked me into it. And it was the most amazing experience. I loved it so much that I decided to try the Hydro Speed and that was even better. I felt like I connected with the water, with the river and I truly understood the idea of floating or swimming in your river of life. I had such a light bulb moment back then. It all made sense. And when things get difficult I make myself go back to this experience and realize again what it is all about.

As I’ve mentioned these fears are all small and manageable. Maybe they are more like challenges. When I was reading through your comments I often thought, why would you not do it? As so many of your comments made me feel like it was more kind of a bucket list thing than a major fear. Something that would be a challenge but you would be able to do if you really wanted to and then feel relieved and proud of yourself for doing it afterwards.

There are other fears, fears that are on a totally different level. Fears you can’t do anything about it, fears that are so deep and intense.

My biggest fear though is losing my family. Or that my kids or my husband might get hurt. And there is nothing I can do about this one. It is deep and intense. But those are things you can not influence either. So you need to go with the flow. Live your life and not focus on something too much, you can’t influence.

13 thoughts on “What Would I Try?

  1. One of TED presentation about fear that I would suggest you to watch: http://go.ted.com/JiC. It is about the story of 1820’s Whaleship, Essex, which was struck by a whale, and how fear of something has lead some of them to their demise.

    I think it is important to remember not to be paralyzed by fear.

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  2. When I started facing my fears I made a list. I picked what I thought would be easiest to accomplish and just began. It was the time I was tired of limiting myself. When I got the chance I faced a fear. I even stood right at the edge of Grand Canyon although I am afraid of heights. But it was so overwhelming that I did not even feel any fear. I was afraid of spiders and at the perfect moment I got the chance to hold a tarantula. What an amazing moment. I thanked that little creature for its wonderful help.

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  3. I’ve never been able to learn how to ride a bike–when I was little I had no interest, and now I feel too exposed on the road since I’m used to driving (plus I still mostly have no interest). If I had no fear, though, I would probably jump on a bike and go, not worried about potential injury.

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  4. I enjoy reading your thoughts on what you would do if you had no fear. I think for me, I would have more children. I enjoy the little fingers and faces around me. I would love to be surrounded by so many generations of people.

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    • Hhhmmmm… Wow… Not sure about that one πŸ˜‰ I enjoy my two so much but more kids… But maybe you are right. The longer I think about the more I realise that it has to do with fears too…


  5. Anything invovling heights is out for me. But skydiving would be amazing if I were fearless. A friends did it many years ago and she said that going through a cloud was tthe most amazing experience. Whilst there still wanted to do a second jump but she has said she would not do it again. When she first told me that she was going to do it I balked at the thought. Still not something I could do.

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    • I so know what you are saying. The summer I met my husband he did a skydive and I was waiting and thought ‘great, now I’ve met the right guy and he jumps out of a plane and probably never returns…’ He had such a adrenalin high afterwards. Lasted for days! He kind of would like to do it again but then he is also hesitating now with the kids around…

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  6. I’ve never learned to swim. Now, at age 59, I’m just too scared. And heights. I didn’t used to be afraid of high places but I’ve developed that fear now. The first time I felt it was on the aerial tram from the bottom of the mountain in Cairns to the top of the mountain in Kuranda and it has gotten worse now after seven years. I guess I should do something about swimming and maybe go back to Kuranda (what an excuse to go back to Australia!).

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