Discovering The Little things

For those of you who follow me for a while now this does not come as a surprise: I love nature. I love being out there. I love the colors of a forest, the smell of the air, the ocean, the beach, the salt in the air. I love everything about nature. I even like to run in the rain, to walk in the snow.

Every time you are out there you discover something. No matter how often you’ve done a hike it always looks slightly different and you might or might not pick up on the changes, depending on how focused you are. It is all about discovering those little hidden things… or appreciating the big things. The colors that change, branches that broke off after a storm… mushrooms growing… you name it…

So here is a photo 101 assignment I enjoy a lot: Natural World & Leading Lines.

nature1 nature2Β  nature4 nature5 nature6I took those pictures on a little walk I just did with the dogs. Love the colors…

22 thoughts on “Discovering The Little things

  1. Beautiful! I love the little things too! My hubby thinks it strange that I notice the little details in most everything. πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m brand new to your blog — and am delighted to discover a fellow nature-lover. My kids and I have been getting out to walk every day for 3 weeks straight and it has made a huge difference in all our attitudes. I’ve started contributing nature-related posts at also.
    Do you know what kind of tree the 3rd & 4th pictures are? The bark looks like Sycamore, but not the leaves!

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