My Picks Of The Week – #11

That was a short week. It throws me off when there is a public holiday on a Monday. It kind of makes me feel I am missing out of a day… not that I did not enjoy this public holiday but it makes the week so short (which is good) but then other things kind of sneak up on you, and suddenly it’s Saturday again… oh well… here we go:

The Monster In Your Closet
Reading this made me think: No wonder we feel like time is flying by…

Never Trust A Jellyfish
You could as well only look at the pictures and they already tell you heaps. But it would be a shame not to read what this blogger had to say…

Epic Sharks
Because I (in theory) love sharks. And because I said I would want to swim with them if I had no fears…

Sincerely, Becca
Beautiful post. One of those moments where kids show us, what life should be like…

Sometimes I Pretend To Be Normal
Great thought! Definitely something I will consider in the future…

The World According To Ryland
Such a strong piece…

Abbie’s Babble
We can be so tough on ourselves…

At The End Of The Day…
Oh we all have days like that and yes, I used this image for one of my posts too 😉

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12 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week – #11

  1. Thank you for sharing that time post! Pumping time means it’s time to unwind … while reading the other posts you’ve shared. ♡

    Liked by 1 person

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