Love In Ten Sentences Award

I’ve been nominated for the Love In Ten Sentences Award (which reminds me of the Spread The Love Award…) from Passion Through Poetry. Thank you so much for this and I am very happy to take part in this.

Hand heart shape silhouette made against the sun & sky of a sunrHere is the rule or better the challenge (at least for me): You have to write a ten line poem, each containing for words and the letter ‘love’. So here goes nothing:

Your Love

My husband’s love,
my children’s love,
The love I feel

The love I give
The love I live
The love I crave
It is your love
Give me your love
Make your love mine
Let love guide us…

Aaaaaand now we all know why I am not writing poetry ;-). But hey, I tried…

I am not sure if there is more to do here but I decided to add two more things, just to make it more fun.

My favorite love songs
Currently it’s Jarryd James’ “Do you remember”and my so far all time favorite is Robbie William’s “Mr Bojangles”

My favorite Quote about love (I decided to look for another one than the one I chose in the Spread The Love Award Post):

Love isn’t something that you find. Love is something that finds you. – Loretta Young

I couldn’t agree more…

And here are my nominees:

In So Many Words
Rethinking Life
Marylin Munrow
Mother Hen Diaries
Wasted Days And Wasted Nights
The Hillbilly Blogger
Reflect remember BECOME – it’ssoofa’i

Now it’s up to all of you! Have fun and spread the love!

30 thoughts on “Love In Ten Sentences Award

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  2. I knew i shouldn’t read this post! I don’t normally accept awards but I will think of it as a challenge, instead. I’m always up for a challenge. I come up with something. Thank you.

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