Sweating It Again…

Yesterday after I’ve finished my second workout 8 was sitting there, totally soaked in sweat and was wondering why and how… Why am I doing this and how am I getting through it each and every time?

I am happy with the workout I chose, as I’ve mentioned before. I love the fact that it is short, hard and effective and that I can easily do it at home at any time I can fit it in.

Short and effective means hard though. Really hard! I am happy to see how much ‘easier’ it got since I’ve started with the 3 months schedule just about two months ago. But man, they are still taking all out of me!

I catch myself looking at the one workout I am supposed to do and thinking ‘sure, I like that one, that one is easy’. And then I start… And in the middle of it I think ‘what the hell was I thinking!’ And I ask myself if I should just do one round less or a couple of repetitions less. But that wouldn’t be right. In the end I only cheat on me…

So I wonder why… Why I keep doing it… Why I stick to the workout schedule and do two of them a day like yesterday, instead of just doing one every second day. And I realize that I do it for me. For myself. For nobody else. Because I know I feel good after it. Not only for achieving it but for sweating. For kicking my butt, for making me breathe and sweat and move. For pushing me to my limits and being able to do it… And realizing that I could go further. That I could actually do another round and more repetitions.

And when I ask myself how I did it, I know the answer. I did it with determination.

Each and every time I finished my workout I feel good afterwards. Tired but so good. I look back at what I’ve done and I know that it was hard work but I powered through. And funny enough in those moments I also realise that I can do more. That I can achieve more. That I can push myself, no matter which part of my life!

And then I realize why I love my workout so much. Because it shows my that one side of me. The side that pushes through and does not give up. The part of me that stands there exhausted, sweaty and maybe shaking, trying to get the heart rate down and the breathing back to normal. The one part that after all and no matter what knows it’s done, it’s achieved and that it can be done again. And all of this puts a big smile on my face. Today I will do it all again. And like today I will sit here again tomorrow, with a big smile on my face. Sweaty but happy…

If you feel like trying, here are the two workouts I was doing yesterday. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Prior to both of them I do a 5-7min warm up with push ups, squats, lunges (10 each) and some stretches. After each workout I do a 5min cool down.

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