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Hey everyone. I thought we can do round two of ‘Introduce Yourself’. Meet other bloggers here in the comments to this post. But please do not only share your blog’s URL… let’s take it a step further!

I just got nominated for the ‘Creative Blogger Award’ and I thought I might be a bit creative here and instead of nominating bloggers for this award, offer you all the opportunity to share your most creative blog post here. Yes! You decide which of your posts was the most creative and then you share it with all of us here. The first 20 to comment will be the bloggers I choose to be my nominees for the ‘Creative Blogger Award’.

Now go for it πŸ™‚ And yes, of course you can share this post with your followers!

157 thoughts on “Introduce Your Blog

  1. Lovely idea πŸ™‚ Thank you for another opportunity to meet other bloggers! I recently added decided to stop receiving awards, so I would like to give away my award to the 21st person posting here πŸ™‚
    Here’s a blog post, where I tried to combine a real life story, some research and an expat related question:
    Looking forward to reading other blogger’s entries!

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  2. Thanks for the opportunity to share! Most of the stuff I share is poetry, fiction or creative non-fiction so it was hard to narrow it down – I decided on one of my more unusual poems, a little something I wrote on a bet that turned out pretty good! It’s both a celebration of words that are no longer regularly used and a little love letter to annoying colleagues.

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  3. Thanks for the opportunity! I’m Rosie, author of Everything’s Coming Up Rosie. I’m a single mom blogging about parenting, dating, motivation & believing that all dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

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  4. I know I’m a bit late to the party but I try and put a piece of creativity in all my posts. My favourite one is a microstory called the empty bottle.
    Check it out! I love connecting with fellow bloggers πŸ™‚

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  5. Well, if by creative, you mean recounting one of the many dating fails I’ve experienced, relying on such high tech tools like Microsoft Paint… Then this is my most creative post:

    Message me privately if anyone wants to see the original picture (that I have recreated faithfully with no artistic liberties!), message me privately, and I will email it over. Your eyes will bleed.

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  6. I began my blog on December 20, 2014. It’s titled, “Bethie’s Place”. Here’s a link to a post that got quite a fe views. It’s called, “The Broken Energizer Bunny”.
    I hope you’ll come by for a visit and check it out. It has some of my original writings and a regualr feature on Fridays titled, “Friday Feature: Let’s Talk Books.

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  7. I still consider myself new to blogging. My blogging is disorganized and all over, like a rash. I try my hand at everything, albeit poorly: an oopsie-math, yes. Tapeworms of the Mind ( got some attention. My art is at Michdevilish ( or at, my old iWeb site with the training wheels, which I cannot seem to let go.

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  8. Thanks for the opportunity to share and to discover some great new blogs. I’m looking forward to reading these thoughout the day (I should probably try and do a bit of actual work in between reading these). The link below is to one of my more creative posts and personal favourites as I mock the importance of my engagement and the wedding that has still yet to happen:

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  9. Thank you for the invitation to join here, momma, and for being so supportive with the SHE-LOGY blog project! πŸ™‚

    Hello, fellow bloggers!
    I’m sharing a post that started my blog project this March. It serves as my invitation, too, to everyone to guest post in my blog. The goal is celebrate 3 women in 1 post. The fun part, I found out along the way, is being able to discover amazing women I have not heard before, and to discover some commonalities and connections among the 3.

    If you’re interested to join, I’d be thrilled to feature you in my blog!


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