Great Barrier Reef – Did You Know…

… That The Great Barrier Reef is the planet’s largest living structure?

Great Barrier Reef

And unfortunately it is affected big time by global warming. I wonder if it will slowly disappear or if it will be able to adjust, change unfortunately and continue living in another way…

I had the pleasure of going out to the reef twice in my life. Something that otherwise would probably be on top of my bucket list. First time was approximately 15 years ago and we went all the way out to the edge of the continental shelf / drop (oh I don’t remember what it is called… just watch ‘Nemo’ and you will find out…).

I remember that the colors were so much more intense than last year when we went out there again. It is still beautiful but it is not the same anymore.

Now I wonder if I wrote this before of if I just had a really intense déjà-vu…

Anyway: If you ever get the chance to go out and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, you should do it. It is stunning!

14 thoughts on “Great Barrier Reef – Did You Know…

  1. I already heard of it… must be really breathtaking. My daughter was snorkling in Egypt last year. I thought when she dared to I could do it too… I have a big respect of huge amounts of water. Your post encouraged me even more!!!

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  2. My sister is very lucky to be living in Queensland and is always telling me how beautiful the Great Barrier Reef is. I hope one day to be able to visit her and to go and take a look. I’ll have to view it from a boat though because I can’t swim!

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