To All The Other “Bad Mothers” Out There

I decided to reblog this, as it plays well with my last post. It shocked me how judgemental people can be and honestly the fact that they decide it’s okay to label someone an idiot without even properly knowing that person! It doesn’t make them seem smart or nice in my eyes.

There are many reasons why we are great mom’s event bough we never want to buy our daughters a pony or play pretend or whatever. It’s our right to write about it. It’s our right to decide not to play certain things with our kids or buy them some others. But it’s nobody’s right to judge us for this. I think it is worse to teach your child to judge others and attack others (even verbally and in the safety of the cyber world or especially that…) than not buy or not play certain stuff…

Hold Me, Don't Hold ME

Well hello, Lovelies!

Let me start by saying welcome, and thank you for joining me in my first ever “Bad Mothers Club” meeting! My name is Emily, and according to strangers on the internet, I’m a bad mother (amongst many other less than desirable things). See, a few weeks ago I wrote a post about Why I’m Never Getting My Daughter A Pony, and wouldn’t you know it, it awarded me membership to the club with gusto (awesome comments can be read here)!

Shortly after receiving my membership notification, via multiple comments along the lines of my personal favorite, “You’re a blithering IDIOT!!!”, and of course the old stand-by, “You shouldn’t be a mother,” I came across another poor fellow mother and blogger who was ripped a number of new assholes from hundreds of angry mothers who didn’t agree with her message. If you’re wondering what her message…

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