I think there might be a little shade of mauve in those pictures… I love the color mauve. It’s so tranquil… if you can say that about a color… It’s also the color of my daughters favorite ballet outfit…

Inspired by the One Word Photo Challenge

11 thoughts on “Mauve

  1. Last year, a property was on the market which was proving a little difficult to sell (nearly half a million pounds, but the price wasn’t the issue). Every room was decorated and accessorised in a shade of purple, though no two rooms were the same colour. I must admit, some of them were lovely, but a few just a little too ‘dark’. However, for us, decor is the last thing we take into account when looking for a new home!

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  2. I especially love the first picture! Makes me want to go see a band play!!!! But capturing the light and color on all of the people just looks amazing!

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