My Picks Of The Week – #14

Happy Easter Weekend you all. I hope you are all doing great and that you will find heaps of yummy Easter treats. Here are my favorite posts of this week. Please pay those bloggers a visit and check out other posts on their blogs as well. It is sure worth it.
Jenny’s Library
I guess everyone defines ‘good’ in the way it suits them…

VOLATILE stability
Talking about ‘good’ people… how can you possibly call yourself ‘good’ after saying things like this???

Unironically Excited
Big talk, small talk… we should really focus on each other a little bit more again…

See, There Is This Thing Called Biology…
Hiding behind the keyboard is easy…

The thing about beauty and what advertisement is selling us for years and years…

Days Of A Dummy Sucker
Being a SAHM is indeed not an easy job, it is not paid but it is not easy…

Behind The White Coat
Insights we need to understand doctors too. I think we see in them what we want to see: Hope. And we forget that they, too, are only human…
Find Your Voice, Find Your Strength
It’s time that women don’t have to feel guilty for being raped…

Faraday’s Candle
… and the magic of the space. I enjoyed this post…

If you are after some more really great posts then check out the comments over here, where bloggers shared their most viewed posts with me.

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