Your Stories – Love On The London Underground. By Sabrina, Queen Of My World

Thank you so much, Sabrina, Queen Of My World, for sharing your lovely story with me. I have to say, I had a smile on my face the entire time I was reading it. I hope you all will enjoy this love story too and maybe you would also like to share yours with me here on this space. So feel free and email it to me ( for my feature ‘Couples’

I had been single for some time and decided to move back in with mum for a few months. A fulltime job, a new found three hours of commuting per day and a four year old was enough for me, so I wasn’t really looking for a relationship to add more to my plate. The journey to work consisted of a bus and four trains to the middle of London. At times, tiny little 5’1” me, would be squished and squashed by the rush hour madness of the morning and evening crowds. Looking around everyone is on their phone, tablet or laptop or some other gadget.

I got used to seeing a few familiar faces through this journey. I think it subconsciously gave me a feeling of consistency and safety. There was always a middle aged ‘gothic couple’, which is what I called them in my head. They were both dressed smartly and each had a long black coat almost down to their ankles. The woman had thin long black hair and very fair make-up with deep red lipstick. The man had long grey hair down to his waist always tied back in a ponytail. They looked so much in love, like a couple of teenagers, hugging and holding hands and never more than an inch apart.

There were some other faces including a guy who I hadn’t really looked twice at. All I noticed about him was that he was young, probably my age or a few years older than me. He always wore a black body warmer with a red Adidas tracksuit jacket underneath that had white stripes on the sleeves. He had on black trousers with a pair of black trainers. He also wore a black hat and large headphones, bopping his head ever so slightly to whatever he was listening to. He seemed to hop on somewhere near the beginning of my first train journey in the mornings. After a couple of months, I noticed we actually took the same route all the way to my destination which I found so improbable. I would just see him walking out of the station and think ‘there’s that guy from earlier on’.

Then I noticed that sometimes I would also spot him in the evenings on the way home. All these observations were still not concentrated; they were just a ‘corner of my eye’ sort of thing.

It wasn’t long before I began noticing that every time he was ahead of me walking through the stations, he would look back more than once, always; as if he was looking for something or someone.


This one cold winter’s day on a January, I was wearing my smart corporate wear, with my sexy pencil skirt (just above knee length) and the thinnest see through tights. I had been wearing my hair up in a curly afro for quite a while now and that’s what I was rocking this particular evening.

Working my way through the station to catch the next train, I had just stepped on to the escalators on my way down when I noticed the red jacket guy. He looked back several times as he always does. For some reason I found myself in front him and I knew he had slowed down for someone, but was it me? I looked back once, didn’t want him to think I was looking for him, but I just wanted to see if he was walking with someone. By this time I still hadn’t got a good look at his face. I carried on to the platform and a train was just arriving and I figured he was lost amongst the crowds. “May be I’m imagining things” but the excitement of it all got me thinking about how romantic it feels when you first meet someone.

I got on to the carriage and it was so packed there was no chance of getting a seat; there wasn’t even any room to take a breath let alone move your arms. Squashed against a barrier of glass, as I glanced through the seating area, he was on the other end of the carriage in the same spot I was standing in, as if it was a mirror image. I spotted him; he already had his eye on me. We locked eyes and looked away. We did it again, and again, and again, the more I looked at him the more I liked what I saw. At the third station, almost everyone had left the carriage except for three people including myself and mystery guy. The only other person was seated and sleeping.

As I walked towards the edge seat I dreaded to think what might happen next or if I had been over thinking it all in my head. We both had a huge smile on our faces as he waited to see where I would sit. He walked through the corridor, through all the other empty seats and chose one directly opposite me. So here we were, less than a yard apart and now I am thinking he is so damn handsome, how did I missed this. I am sitting there trying to avoid eye contact and resort to texting my friend to tell her what’s going on. We try to hold it off for as long as possible but our smiles are now uncontrollable, that we look at each other and begin laughing, as if we had been talking for all this time and a joke had just been cracked. Only, we had been conversing, but with our eyes.

There’s the ice breaker, it wasn’t just in my head. So cheekily he tapped the seat next to him as if gesturing for me to come over. I looked around in disbelief and looked again, this time I decided to take up the opportunity and go over. It felt so surreal. The first thing he said to me was “I wanted to say Hi earlier but….”. We started talking and it turned out he knew where I worked. No, he wasn’t a creep, my uniform was a giveaway, we learned that we were in the same industry working for rival companies. He decided to miss his station and get off at mine, I felt so starry eyed and like a teenager again. He walked me to the bus stop and waited with me till my bus arrived. I was wondering when he was going to ask for my number but when he realised it was time for me to go, I almost missed my bus trying to give it him.

That evening he called me and we spoke for more than two hours on the phone. I’m not a good talker but he made it so easy for me. We planned a date for a couple of days later and we hit it off straight away. We grew so close, so quick, we even started being each other’s alarm clocks, if I got up early; I would call him and tell him it’s time for work. We would meet up at his station to go to work together. He started surprising me on his days off, wanting to drive me to work. It made me feel so special that we had only known each other a few weeks or so, and cared so much about me already.

What made my heart melt even more was when I found out, his parents met on the train too. I heard their story first hand when I met them after a year of being together.

We now have an adorable seven month old son, and he is an amazing father figure to my first child. We encourage each other with whatever we want to do and strive for success together. We share the same morals and beliefs. He has taught me so much in the time we’ve been together, and we both know what it takes for a real relationship to work.

He is my: King Karlos, and I am his Queen.

12 thoughts on “Your Stories – Love On The London Underground. By Sabrina, Queen Of My World

  1. Thanks to A Mommas View for posting my story, I am grateful to have the opportunity for being featured on your blog 🙂 I cannot begin to tell you how much I have gained from being a follower here

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  2. Awww this line had me at hello..
    “I knew he had slowed down for someone, but was it me?” Depth to that line on a lot of levels…

    Love it


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